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Through our accessible website and mobile apps, users create programming using fundamental building blocks called Quests that track progress, fundraise, learn about local events, and connect users to worthy causes. We are excited to showcase our ability to execute impactful deliverables and services.

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Syracuse University -Healthy Monday Race Across the US

Healthy Monday is the signature program of the Syracuse University Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion. It’s a national public health initiative to help end chronic preventable diseases by offering weekly prompts to support people and organizations in starting and sustaining healthy behaviors.


How to Move a Nation

Syracuse University Lerner Center for Public Health introduced the Monday Campaigns in the early-2000s to motivate people to view Monday as the day to dedicate to better health. With any large scale campaign comes large scale challenges. They would need to spread the program’s word beyond Syracuse, be able to track and report on their program, and take that information to improve upon the program year after year.

The Starting Line

As the program began to take shape, the team relied heavily on email newsletters, flyers, and social media to announce their events and promotions. They were not able to capture or measure the data from these or report on activities and were using several unconnected programs to coordinate efforts. Building their own apps with full control and customization of activities remains cost prohibitive.

Teaming Up for Health

Syracuse University Lerner Center for Public Health partnered with DIEMlife to launch The Healthy Monday Race Across the US in 2001. Using the DIEMlife mobile app, they launched a 12-week challenge in a virtual race from Syracuse, NY to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA via logged activities. Incentives and prizes were offered along the way and DIEMlife’s platform gamified the entire experience leading to a fun and enjoyable approach to a health initiative. The event encouraged camaraderie and friendly competition while creating and encouraging health habits related to movement, healthy eating, stress management, and improving social connections.

Hear from Syracuse University

"We’ve made some really great strides in helping our local community better their health, but we’re now taking it a step further with DIEMlife and expanding our campaigns to a national scale."

– Mary Kate Schutt, Assistant Director of the Syracuse University Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion

Healthier Mondays in 2021 looked like:







counties across the US

activities logged




May 2022

activity minutes recorded

page views to the Healthy Monday’s website

Healthy People 2030 objectives

the next race

DIEMlife’s Quests can bring people together on a national level to align with your initiatives. With focus on employee and community health becoming a high priority, Quests like this provide the framework to achieve your company's goals and revitalize the health of your employees.

Learn more about the Healthy Monday Race Across the US Quest here:


Quests for COVID-19 Support

2020/2021 saw the global pandemic’s devastation on life, the economy, and especially the strain it placed on the medical community. While the desire to help during this time was strong, it was difficult to know where funds would have the most impact for local communities.


When the Going gets Tough

Efforts to feed first responders saw unhealthy meals delivered from big chains, but this solution only helped them in the short term and didn't help the local restaurants forced to close their dining rooms.

The Tough Get Going

The DIEMlife team saw an opportunity to help three groups during this time: 

  • Feed the first responders who are stressed, tired, and may lack the time to prep their meals.
  • Support restaurants and their teams during an unusual time where the restaurant industry, and their suppliers, are feeling financial pressures from social distancing.
  • Empower the community to help support restaurants and first-responders by giving them a streamlined channel for donating funds to tangible outcomes.

With the platform’s help, donations paid for quality meals for local hospital staff and first responders while also supporting local restaurants. The simple and scalable system allowed DIEMlife’s COVID-19 Support Quests to launch fast and add resources efficiently, eventually moving to multiple cities. 

Hear from the community

"The actions you took to launch and operate the COVID Cuse fund are remarkable and we are so grateful for your vision, passion, and support of Upstate during what has been a tremendously difficult time."

– Mantosh Dewan, MD, President, Upstate Medical University

Small Donations Make Big Results:

DIEMlife’s Syracuse COVID Support Quests helped:

Coordinate payment and delivery of 5,000 meals

Utilize 12 restaurants during the lockdown

Support frontline workers at 25 different hospitals

DIEMlife Quests can quickly mobilize communities and direct them to a worthy cause. Our platform assisted with campaign creation, grassroots marketing, community engagement, crisis relief, local business, and frontline support, and impact reporting.

See more on our efforts for COVID Support:


Main Street First Business Improvement District Support - Little Falls, NY

Small town America was not immune to the effects of the pandemic. This case study looks at how one town got creative in helping their fellow businesses with DIEMlife’s community focused platform.


Pivoting with the Pandemic

Think Local Little Falls, a volunteer group that promoted local businesses in Little Falls, NY, found themselves needing to create new ways to support their community and local businesses as the lockdown orders extended. The group determined that fundraising on behalf of the local businesses would help with the impact of ongoing expenses in a slowing sales environment. They needed a platform to support these fundraising efforts during a pandemic where in-person fundraising was not an option. The Mayor also wanted to partner with the group to find a creative way to thank the city's essential workers while helping to bolster local business. 

Little Falls, Big Ideas

The team decided to host an online community fundraiser with DIEMlife's help. The proceeds would purchase gift certificates from Little Falls' businesses, including those temporarily closed due to COVID-19. These certificates ($100/winner) would be awarded to various essential workers throughout the city at random. DIEMlife's platform tracked incoming donations and showcased the winners.

The initial campaign goal was set at $3,000 and achieved in less than 24 hours. The team started a more aggressive target of $11,000, and once again, they quickly met that goal. Due to the success, each recipient received an additional $25 gift certificate to pass along to someone in need.

The flexibility of the DIEMlife platform allowed for the public to easily access the Quests and actively participate. It also allowed for organizers to maintain a seamless campaign. It was essential to accurately report the campaign's fundraising status and DIEMlife provided that accountability and reporting.

From the Think Local Team

"The flexibility and ease of the DIEMlife platform was a tremendous benefit for the public's Quest® participation, as well as for organizers to maintain a seamless campaign."

– Think Local team

How the Quest® Helped




essential workers benefited

initial campaign goal met in less than 24 hours

pumped back into local economy

DIEMlife’s fundraising and ticketing features allow you to generate proceeds and manage event donors, guests and participants and report on your efforts.

Check out the Little Falls Quest® here:


CT Realtors® Foundation Be Homeful for the Holidays

Over the past six years, The CT REALTORS® Foundation has partnered with the CT Coalition to End Homelessness for a holiday campaign to help end family homelessness in Connecticut. The focus is to provide holiday cheer to children living in shelters and help families avoid the trauma of homelessness. For every $25 donated, the CT REALTORS® Foundation gift a plush Paddington bear to a child living in a shelter for the holidays. Learn more about how DIEMlife’s fundraising features helped elevate their cause in 2020 and 2021.


The Way Home

The CT REALTORS® Foundation and CT Coalition to End Homelessness holiday campaign brought much needed attention to Connecticut’s homeless population. The teams had previously used the GoFundMe platform for their fundraising efforts and used their own social media and websites for community engagement and information sharing.

Using DIEMlife to Exceed Goals

In 2020 and 2021, DIEMlife worked with CT Realtors to build a team fundraising campaign that could easily embed into their existing website and share on social media. The created Quest® powered a dynamic donor map for 22 Realtor teams and their fundraising efforts. The 2020 results broke the previous year’s GoFundMe efforts by $12,000. DIEMlife’s powerful fundraising platform can handle campaign creation, impact reporting, and integration of participation tools to help your organization’s mission, all while keeping your supporters engaged.

From the CT REALTORS® Team

The “be homeful for the holidays” campaign is a fundraising endeavor, but “just as important is building education and awareness around the issue of family homelessness”

– Beth Mecteau, Director of Executive and Foundation Programs for Connecticut REALTORS®

Impact from 2020 and 2021:





gifts delivered to children in shelters


See the Homeful for the Holidays Quest® here:


Build Josh’s Gym

The Josh Pallotta Fund, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Veterans and Service Members. They combine local and national resources, emergency services, and research to provide Veterans the resiliency, transition, and reintegration tools to help them sustain or return to full and healthy lives. Josh's House VT is part of that mission as a Veteran-designed recreation and wellness center with a gym in progress.


Building for a Cause

Each month at Josh's House, a different challenge is put together by Race Mozey, one of our partners, and is available to supporters that coincides with a piece of equipment needed at the facility. The goal is to raise funds to purchase that equipment at the end of the challenge. This effort requires a way to post the challenge, collect money, and share the successes with the community via photos and videos of the new equipment in use and collecting these for the reports needed for non-profit organizations.

Maximize Your Fundraiser’s Impact

DIEMlife works with the Josh's House Team to set up monthly fundraising Quests that motivate supporters with a physical challenge and support the non-profit by fundraising for needed equipment every month. DIEMlife’s platform manages campaign creation, community engagement, and provides the data required for non-profit reporting.

One Quest, Many Outcomes

This ongoing Quest® for Build Josh’s Gym:

  • Challenges supporter’s physical fitness
  • Improves the mental health of veterans who use the facility and raise awareness for PTSD
  • Helps the organization through fundraising and awareness for their cause

Our Powerful Partnership with Race Mozey

“Race Mozey was started with the mission in mind to help as many people as we could who struggle with mental illness through physical activity. In 2021, we were able to partner with DIEMLIFE to create the Mega Quest® of "Build Josh's Gym" and throughout the year, we were able to raise enough funds for a local non-profit called "The Josh Pallotta Fund" build a better gym to help veterans who struggle with PTSD… I am looking forward to the amazing partnership with DIEMLIFE in 2022 to continue our momentum!”

– Jason Mozey, Owner of Race Mozey

Accomplished so far:







See the good work happening in this Quest® here:

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